Friday, June 26, 2009


I am a proud "Bromleyite" dating back to 1964 when we purchased our Atlantic Avenue home. At the time, Atlantic Avenue and Massachusetts Avenues were among the prettiest tree-lined streets in the township, even as they are today. But alas, we all age, and age takes a toll on our physical countenance. This applies to neighborhoods as well as our physical appearance. I have come to love the Bromley section of Hamilton, and have seen a gradual decline in the community. One of those negative indications of that decline is found in the numerous sales people who have knocked on my door offering to sell me an alarm system. One wonders if those salesmen and women are plying their trade in Hamilton Square, the Sawmill-southern section of Hamilton, Briar Woods, and other "upscale" township areas. I think not. If I had a wish list, it would be to see the incredibly beautiful Hollywood Drive, Park Lane, Waverly Place area given the attention it deserves. That little "village within the township" known as Bromley Place, along with Bromley Park, were probably among the more attractive neighborhoods in the central Jersey area. Thanks to community minded organizations like the Bromley Civic Center who are making a valiant effort to "Change Bromley," an effort is being made to bring pride back to the wonderful residents of Bromley.

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